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Free Traffic Via Backlink Tips

GX Million Backlink Tips

as a blooger yo do like backlink didn't you? every blooger always want to have backlink. There are many ways to get backlink, trough link exchange (wich i don't recommend), directory page, or wait for someone to add link to your blog..., but there are methods, which i will explained here...
But first bookmark my page (ctrl+d) or at to you favourite first (Alt+Z).
You did ever heard about Multi Level Marketing (MLM) / Network Marketing (NM)  didn't you?  there are concept behind it, and that are multiply factor. This concept use a simple matemathic logic.
How does it work? It's simple. First what youll have to do is put this whole article into your web/blog. including the link below...
  1. Worldwide Cosmetic Provider
  2. Wild Tangent Games - Original Game Download
  3. - Web Hosting and Domain
  4. Lowongankerjabiz   - Indonesia Job Posting Blog
  5. - International Web Hosting and Domain Seller also Server  Provider
  6. Gugux Game Zone - Sidoarjo Gamer Community
  7. - Indonesia's Oriflame Network Marketing Business
  8. - Amazon online store dedicated to gaming need
  9. - blog about game,movie,hobby,and ect.
  10. - Asia online game shop.
The next thing is you'll have to delete link number 1 so link number 2 become number one, and number 3 become number 2 and so on. Then put your link on number 10..
Now what youll need to do is making 5 people to do the same as you did...
When you're on 10 position, your backlink is = 1
When you're on 9 position, your backlink is = 5
When you're on 8 position, your backlink is = 25
When you're on 7 position, your backlink is = 125
When you're on 6 position, your backlink is = 625
When you're on 5 position, your backlink is = 3.125
When you're on 4 position, your backlink is = 15.625
When you're on 3 position, your backlink is = 78.125
When you're on 2 position, your backlink is = 390.625
When you're on 1 position, your backlink is = 1.953.125
And that's all use the keyword that you wanted to. From SEO you already got 1.953.125 backlink and it's side effect. And if there are visitor that happens to click your link, you've got extra traffic.
So just copy paste this article, delete number 1 and make number 2 become 1, alter the rest as well, afterward publish the page..., then make account in then put your published link into it, afterward youll'get link something like this . After got shortened link from publish your link on social network site like or or many other social network site.

It's easy isn't it? Nothing to lose start your million backlink now......
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